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Auricular Medicine is a comprehensive system used to assess the physical, emotional, mental imbalances and blockages to healing. It also provides treatment where there are no other appropriate therapeutic modalities available.

The external ear is a highly sensitive organ that contains many nerves, each of which connects to the central nervous system of the body. This ear-nerve-brain-body connection is called a reflex. In conjunction with this reflex system there is an image of the body outlined on the ear. This image is similar to that of a fetus with its head down in the lob of the ear and the hands and feet pointing upward toward the top of the ear.

Every gland, organ and tissue has a corresponding place or acupuncture point on the ear. Auricular medicine is an energetic reflex technique that uses the radial pulse of the wrist and energetic filters which represent healthy tissue to detect treatable points on the ear. These points that are identified on the ear represent the location of specific imbalances within the body. The ear becomes the vehicle through which the imbalances can be detected and the body can be treated. It allows for the identification of and effective treatment of the cause of a person's health concerns, not just the symptoms.

This technique is based on the work of Dr. Paul Nogier, MD, who found that a point of lowered electrical resistance could be detected on the ear of an individual when there was an imbalance in their body; no points are detected of lower electrical resistance on a healthy individual's ear.

Over a seven year period Dr. Nogier was able to map out most of the body's reflex areas on the ear and presented his findings at a World acupuncture congress in Marseille, France in 1957. From there his findings spread globally and were confirmed by major teaching universities around the world. Over the next several years further findings and refinements moved Auricular Medicine into the realm of energy medicine where a change in the pulse and filters were employed to determine the "best" points on the ear for assessing the imbalance and for treatment.

During the last thirty years Dr. Mikhael Adams, ND, who trained extensively under Dr. Nogier, has further refined this technique by combining his understanding of the bodies ability to self-heal, auto-regulate, the theory of drainage and Biotheraputic Drainage TM using Auriculartherapy, to create a system of assessment and therapy.

By using a finite number of filters, the auricular medicine pulse, and a map of the body reflex areas on the ear, it is now possible determine the best remedies for treatment and the order in which the individual's body would like to heal. It is also possible to determine an individual's response to the removal of a medication as well as to accurately determine dosages and timing of therapy.
Auricular Medicine technique often produces an 80+% accuracy in assessment and a 95+% accuracy in therapy. With this technique it is possible to accurately assess the root cause of any disease state in any individual and treat an individual's body effectively to facilitate healing on all levels, not simply from the perspective of symptom management.

Treatment protocols will often vary at each appointment, as new layers are being noticed and revealed to the practitioner. The use of lasers, seeds, beads, semi-permanent, temporary needles, biotheraputic drainage remedies, or other nutritional support maybe used to release the blockages, encouraging the bodies self-healing process.

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