Body Composition Testing

Renewed Vitality Weight Loss programs start with a proper assessment of your body weight, including fat mass, lean body tissue, and water compartments to properly assess your current body composition. The Bioimpedance Analysis Test (BIA) calculates also the current state of the health of your cells. How healthy they are determines how healthy YOU ARE? Are you at risk for cardiovascular disease are you always fatigued? BIA testing will help determine your risk factors, to prevent future health problems.

Weight Loss with BIA

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Success is knowing the numbers…

Bioimpedance Analysis Testing - (BIA) is a reliable method of measuring body composition, assessing percentage body fat and lean body mass. Altered body composition and excess weight can lead to a variety of health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, high cholesterol and constant fatigue. BIA testing also computes the ability of cells to store energy, cell permeability, the quantity of healthy cell membranes, overall cell health, water found in and outside of the cell, and your body's current ability to absorb/utilize nutrients and expel cellular wastes.

Health and well-being are closely tied to the health of the body's fat-free mass and body cell mass compartments. By focusing attention on these mass compartments, therapeutic strategies are more effective because results can be measured objectively. The applications that BIA can be use for include: acute/chronic disease, obesity/weight loss, athletic performance, lifestyle assessment, eating disorders, and geriatrics.