Iris da Silva, C.H.N.C., OHP, NCP

Nutritional Consulting Practitioner Orthomolecular Health Practitioner

Iris da Silva has over 29 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, in a diversified capacity.

She has developed health and safety programs for the oil and gas sector and conducted many seminars on workplace health issues as an Occupational Health-Safety Consultant. Her involvement as a fitness instructor/trainer started in 1988 and currently teaches specialized programs in jump rope. She has an extensive background in aquatics which includes coaching competitive swimming, teaching NLS (lifeguard certification program), competing in guard competitions, leading teams in water rescue and aquatic emergency care.

After working in fitness industry for many years and having her two kids, she went back to school in 2005 to further her knowledge in nutrition and alternative health care. She graduated from CSNN in 2006 with a honors Diploma in Natural Nutrition - Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant TM (C.H.N.C.) and is a professional member of the IONC, earning the designations Orthomolecular Health Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant Practitioner. In 2008, she became a licensed BioEnergetics Practitioner and in 2009 earned her diploma in Auricular and BioEnergetic Medicine. Iris has written many articles for health magazines across Canada and has previously taught curriculum courses at CSNN.

In her private office Renewed Vitality, she specializes in Allergies, Digestive Issues, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, BIA testing (Body Compostition Testing), ZYTO Bio-surverys, BioEnergetics and Auricular Medicine. Iris is extremely active in her mid 40's, organizing many health seminars across the city with her energetic jump ropes classes specific to high performance athletes and Cross-Fit participants.


    Honors Diploma, Natural Nutrition (C.H.N.C.) - Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

    Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (NCP) / Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (OHP) - International Organization of Nutritional Consultants, IONC

    Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner (R.BIE) - Institute of Natural Health Technologies

    Diploma of Auricular Medicine and Bioenergetic Medicine � Institute of Auricular and Bioenergetic Medicine

    FirstLine Therapy Certification - Metabolic Syndrome

    Personal Trainer (PTS) and Fitness Instructor (FTS) - CanFitPro

    Jump Rope Instructor - Fitness and Conditioning / NCCP Coach Level 1&2 BR>