Iris da Silva has over 23 years of teaching and coaching many areas in fitness. She is a jump rope expert and enthusiast for 15 years, teaching athletes and fitness junkies to reach peak performance in high intensity training by using jumping ropes.

JUMP ROPE CLASSES - Burn more calories than running!!! Jumping rope continuously for 10 min gives you the same caloric depletion as a 30 min run. Add a few high intensity powered jumps, and you have a total HITT workout that will leave you breathless.

Jump rope has always been a key training tool to enhance athletic performance by improving endurance, speed and agility, giving you the best competitive edge. This exercise is perfect for people who lead busy lives and want to get the job done in a short period of time.

Each class is 1.5hr in length and can be combined with another class to give you a 3 hour workshop or you can incorporate a sport supplement seminar to enhance your athletic performance and recovery. Ensure you have good athletic shoes, towel, and lots of water.

  • Learn to Jump Discover the basics of jump rope, safety, various ropes and lengths, beginner jumping skills and jumps. Come away mastering the basics to move onto move advanced moves and techniques.
  • Jump Rope Advanced Speed Drills and Power Play Athletic based plyometric moves, learn agility and speed moves, interval training, and whole body resistant exercises integrated with power moves.
  • FreeStyle Jumping Learn Cross-overs, rope swings, link jump rope tricks together, double unders, triple jumps, 360 degree spins, backward jumping and much more will be learned.
  • Extreme Jump and Sweat This class is powered up several notches to hit your peak continuously by utilizing Kangoo Jumps. This combination class will create a new heights to your training and shift plateaus in your training program.
Before participating in any classes or programs that Renewed Vitality® has to offer, please download and complete the "Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire" - PAR-Q Form.

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