• General Health - Initial Consultation: 60 Min
    Includes: 4 Elite Professional ZYTO Bio-Surveys/Wellness Scans, Diet Review and Customized Health Plan.

  • Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss- Initial Consultation: 75 Min
    Includes: 2 Elite ZYTO Scans, BIA test (BioImpedance Analysis - Body Composition), Diet Review and Customized Health Plan.

  • Food or Environmental Allergies: 60 Min
    Includes: 6 Zyto Scans/Customized Categories, Bio-Energetics Session, Diet Review and Customized Health Plan.
    Note: An initial consult must be completed previously, before this consult.

  • General Health with Food Testing: 2 Hours
    Includes: This consult includes Basic Food and/or Environmental Stressor Test, Elite ZYTO Whole Body Wellness Scan and 6 additional scans, Nutritional Profile, BIE Balancing Session, or BIA Test, Customized Supplement and Diet Protocol.

  • ZYTO Elite Health Mini Scan - 30 Min
    Need a quick check on your health, this scan will help you stay on track with your health goals and give you vital information about what is missing in your regimen. Supplement recommendations will be given.

  • BIA - Body Composition Testing - 45 Min
    This test will measure your BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate), percentage of body fat, lean muscle tissue and intracellular/extracellular water. It is a great tool to measure progress and long your results to keep you motivated. Diet and nutritional/supplementation protocol will be given.


  • All follow-up appointments are in the time increments below and will include ZYTO scanning and supplementation protocols. Please indicate at the time of making your appointment what service you need included such as BIE or Auricular Medicine, as this will also determine the length of your appointment.

  • 30 Minutes, 45 Minute, or 1 hour

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