"I have suffered for 35 years with an onion allergy, unable to eat most things without reading a label it was most difficult going out to eat, I had to discuss my meal with the waitress first and eat whatever I could without a sauce or dressing, after working with Iris I can eat whatever I like. Thank you Iris for changing my life."
E. Hoogstraten

"Thank-you so much Iris! I cannot believe that my sinus congestion is gone, I can finally breathe at night. My dust allergy no longer bothers me and it has been over a year since our sessions."
C. Touke – Human Resources Manager

"I was in car accident and severely tore my Achilles tendon. I was told by my physiotherapist that I needed 23 appointments to help heal my tendon. After visiting Iris, I only saw my therapist two times. Within the first week of receiving auricular medicine, I was able to walk without pain, after 6 weeks and only 4 visits, I am able to continue my active lifestyle and continue in my favourite fitness activities including plyometric jump training."

"Thank-you for your constant support, my daughter has been able to and is no longer affected by her dairy allergies. Iris, you have changed the way our family lives."
K. Walker – Graphic Designer

"I suffered extreme migraines and headaches from the Chinook Winds and weather in Calgary. I haven't experienced any symptoms or headaches…I tell everyone about your services."
S. Middleton – Sales Representative

"Thank-you Iris for showing me how important my diet is to clear up my bloating and other stomach problems. Before I came to see you, I did not know I even know that food stressors were a problem. Thanks for all of your help…"
T. Ngo – Mechanical Engineer

"Those little beads you put in my ears are magic!! The pain that I have experienced in my neck and low back have been bothering me for years, no longer bothers me. I have tried many therapies but Auricular Medicine has made me pain free…I just wished you lived closer."
M. Shonavic

"The eczema on my hands were so embarrassing that I would always try to hide them. After coming to Renewed Vitality my hands are now soft. Thanks again Iris."
Karen – Flight Attendant