If weight loss is your goal…we have answers!!!

Everyone wants to look good and feel great, but if the FOOD your eating is causing you to put on unwanted pounds, wouldn't you like to know…

Food allergies and food intolerances can create metabolic and hormonal disasters in the body, making you feel tired, bloated, moody, carry excess weight, etc.

Renewed Vitality screens for food intolerances to ensure that you can be successful with your diet plan to reduce those inches, lose body fat, and have high levels of energy.

Renewed Vitality has also incorporated Dr. David Fitzgerald ZYTO scans to provide you with a comprehensive screening on areas in your body that is preventing you from losing weight, heighten athletic performance, and overall general health. The scan will determine what supplements your body needs through bio-communication of the ZYTO biosurvey. Click on each scan and read the file for all the categories screened.


Download PDF for more information


Download PDF for more information


Download PDF for more information

Dr. Fitzgerald uses this scan extensively on all his professional athletes during their training season at least once per month to monitor their nutrient needs.

Who is Dr. David Fitzgerald?

Dr. John Fitzgerald, aka Blood Doc John, has been one of the most successful weight loss doctors in the country. He has helped over 5000 weight-loss patients and counseled over 500 professional athletes using the time-tested and research-backed principles in his book. He was also a radio personality for many years on several stations.

Dr. Fitzgerald has helped a large number of professional fighters lose weight for weigh-ins including many UFC fighters.

He wrote software programs for MyNutritionAdviser.com using an FDA registered, type II medical device that provides "biological preference scans" for weight loss and athletic performance. Click on link to order his book: www.fatlossthetruth.com

weight loss with Dr. Fitzgerald